New TV Trends and Decline of Reality TV

The decline of reality singing shows…

American Idol was the ratings juggernaut that broke records and created milliionare singers over night and that used to be their power player…maybe why 15 years later it is still giving them +2.0 ratings yet the winners are becoming less successful and ratings have been decreasing yearly while they are stabilized this year. I predict it will be gone by 2020 after 20 years, it’s not really bad for Fox. Once it goes to the 1’s I don’t see it lasting on TV for more than a year…

I also think NBC’s the Voice will be gone between 2020-2025 despite just starting in 2011 because they don’t really produce winners that are successful and it’s still all about the judges which do bring in the ratings. Eventually it started with 4-5’s …the 4’s will turn to 3’s within next year or two and then 2’s in a few years and cancelled when it gets to 1’s like X-Factor.

What will be the next big reality phenomenon? Not sure, but I know ABC’s Dancing with the Stars is losing steam while the Bachelor has stayed pretty steady with America’s fascinating of handsome guys and dating. However, I don’t see DWTS lasting more than 5 more years while Bachelor may have few more years than that.

CBS has Amazing Race which is already in danger but Big Brother and Survivor pulling in respectable numbers so who knows how long they will still be on TV.

It looks like with the decline of dramas we are going towards the era of sexy soapy thrillers (Empire, Scandal) and don’t forget the superhero craze (CW’s The Flash, Arrow and their hybrid spinoff), FOX (Gotham and Lucifer), CBS (Supergirl) and obviously diversity is the next big IT factor (Blackish, Empire, Fresh off the Boat).

What do you think?!


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